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FOBS Meetings


Another way parents can get involved is to come along to our FOBS meetings. They are not as boring as they sound and it's great to get new parents involved!


Click here for upcoming FOBS meeting dates


When are the meetings?

The meetings are usually twice termly, sometimes less often, and they are held at the school, in the staff room.  They start at 7.30pm and last for an hour.  Dates of any upcoming meetings are detailed on the events page.


We also have sub-committee meetings for the Summer and Christmas fayres which are additional meetings, held to discuss particular elements of the fayres. These are much less formal and are usually held at *ahem* the pub!  These are ideal for anyone who perhaps doesnt want to help with the day to day elements of FOBS but feels they could offer their expertise or help with specific events.


What happens at the meetings?

The committee are present, a school representative (usually Mr. Cooil), and any other parents who have come along.  Most are familar faces in the school so it's likely that there will be someone you know.


At the meeting we discuss any past events, plan future events and, most importantly, discuss and decide how any funds we have raised are spent within the school.  It's not particularly formal, there are tea and biscuits, and we all manage a good natter as well!


Do I need to come to all of the meetings?

Only if you want to!  Only come once, or come to every one, it is up to you.  Some people only come for a short time at the meeting to discuss particular items, others will stay for the whole duration.


There is also no commitment to help with anything, you can simply attend the meetings to give your feedback, or to put forward suggestions for future events. We just like to see parents geting involved with the school and seeing what we do.


Do I need to let you know if I want to come along to any of the meetings?

You don't need to, you can just turn up but it may be worth letting us know if you do intend to come, especially to the sub-committee meetings, just in case anything changes (such as the venue).  You can email us, message us through facebook or tell one of us at the school.