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Between 2015-2017, FOBS raised funds for an Outdoor Classroom, in addition to the other items we regularly support the school with. Receiving the necessary permissions to build the classroom was a long drawn-out process involving local authories and even the Department of Education.  This new facility will be a huge benefit; enhancing the children's learning in so many ways whilst allowing more teaching sessions to be held in the 'great outdoors'.


The Reverend Gregg Mensingh and Mr Kevin Barton, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, performed the opening ceremony on Wednesday 13th December 2017.  Despite the very wet and gloomy day, Reverend Mensingh blessed the classroom and Mr Barton cut the ribbon.


The School Councillors made the most of the opportunity to have a good look around and unanimously said they were very excited about starting lessons in this fantastic facility.


Also present at the opening ceremony were James and Alison Potter from 'The Linked In Man', and Paul and Mel Williams, who have all very kindly donated significant sums of money towards the Outdoor Classroom.


FOBS has donated over £20,000 for the Outdoor Classroom to be built.  This includes the purchase and construction of the classroom, and having the necessary electric, heating, air handling and alarm systems installed to make this a year-round facility.  A huge thank you to everyone who has supported FOBS events over recent years - your support is really appreciated and we are so proud to have funded this superb facility.


We are now busy fundraising to improve the playground facilities by purchasing a some new playground equipment.  More details to follow.

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