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  • If you run a local business, have you considered advertising at the school, sponsoring our events or having a stall at our fayres. Take a look at business opportunities for more information.


  • If you work for a large company you are likely to be able to apply for match funding. This involves little more than filling in a form after one of our events and can raise up to £1,000 each time!


  • If you shop online, you can earn cashback paid directly to the school via websites like The Giving Machine. This adds up throughout the year and every little helps. This is another way of giving to the school at no cost to yourself. See shopping online for details.


  • If you have any spare time, we can always do with help planning, setting up and running our events. The more helpers we have, the less there is to do! See parent help for more information


  • If you have ideas as to how we could change or improve events, have suggestions for new events, or feedback from previous events take a look at our FOBS meetings page to see where these can be made.


And finally...


  • If you have any other suggestions as to how you could help us please let do contact us and let us know!

FOBS are always after helpers and support and this can be offered in a variety of ways whether you are a parent, grandparent, local resident or business.  


On the right is a list of ways in which you could help FOBS raise money for the school directly and indirectly. Please click on each link to find out more details.


Obviously, a fundamental need is helpers at events which are always required and sadly the number of those volunteering has been falling meaning it is harder for us to run our events.


If you are able to help at any of our events either with set up, promoting it, at the actual event or in any other way please do let us know!


To contact us you can email, message us on Facebook or just accost one of us in the playground. Events are always very sociable and its a great way of getting to meet other parents, making friends and getting involved with the school.


Can You Help?