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Match Funding


Many parents at the school work for large national or multi national companies many of which offer 'Match 'Funding'. This is a fantastic way for parents to be able to donate to the school at no cost to themselves!


What is 'Match Funding'?

Match funding is the offer from large, established companies and corporations that they will match charity donations raised by their employees. With FOBS this usually involves the company offering to match monies raised by a certain events or stall at an event.


Who offers this?

A large portion of national companies offers this- you may not even realise your employer does!  To the right is a short list of well known companies and brands who offer Match Funding. Check with your workplace to see if this is something they offer their employees.  


Some companies will match fund on a  £ for £ basis, whilst others will pledge a total amount for each event.  Some companies will also pledge time and resources instead of money, so enabling their employees to support a cause during their working week, or offering a tangible service such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes, newsletters and so on.


Some companies even offer a Volunteer Involvement Programme, such as ExxonMobil, who offer £250 cash donation for every 20 hours their employee helps with the charity.


How much can it raise?

Most recently Barclays PLC match funded the BBQ and refreshments at the 2019 Christmas Fayre and donated £1000 to the school!  Some companies give each employee the opportunity to match fund for up to three events per year!


What do I have to do?

Your employer will provide you with a match funding form upon your request which should be completed after the event. Others may just want to send a written confirmation of their pledge direct to FOBS. Once they have received cofirmation from us of the amounts raised or your participation in the event, the company then matches the amount raised, or as they have specified, and this is paid directly to FOBS.