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Parent Help


Being a small school we are limited in the number of volunteers we can find for events! Unfortunately parent support at events has been dwindling over recent years. If you think you may have the few odd hours to help us out, please read below for more information


What does it involve?

There is no commitment made to FOBS by offering to help at our events, you dont need to be part of the committee or even help regularly unless you want to.  You dont have to commit a certain amount of time or attend the meetings either!  Any amount of time you can offer  would be hugely helpful.


What sort of jobs can I help with?

There are many!  The idea being the more people who help, the less there is for everyone to do!  The main part is people to run stalls, supervise the children, help prep and serve food, setting up and clearing away.  Or other jobs like helping on the morning of Bag2School loading up the truck, or selling tickets for events.  There is nothing too strenuous and no event is for a great length of time.  Even at the fayres we make sure you have enough time to go and spend time with your own children, as well as helping out.


Will I know anyone else?

The FOBS committe have children throughout the school, as do our regular helpers, and teachers often help out as well, so you will know at least one or two faces.  Helping with FOBS is also a great way to get involved with the school, as well as meeting other parents.  We try to make it as sociable as possible at events for the helpers, and at the meetings, and some great friendships have been formed over the years. .


How can I get involved?

We have FOBS meetngs at the school twice termly where we decide on the events and other parent input is always appreciated. This is also a great way to get to meet the committee and other helpers.  See the FOBS meetings page for more details on these. Otherwise you can just contact us and let us know you'd like to help out.


How else can I help?

Perhaps you have a local business that would like to advertise at the school, sponsor events or offer raffle prizes - see business opportunities - or maybe you work for a large organisation who offers match funding for employees who help raise funds for charities (such as Barclays, Aviva, Asda, Argos, BP, First Group... the list is quite long!).  Or if you regularly shop online there are other free ways you can raise funds too.