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The Friends of Botley School is the P.T.A (Parent Teacher Association) of Botley Primary School, High Street. Botley. Hampshire. SO30 2EA.

Registered Charity Number: 1031856

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Shopping Online


Another way parents can raise funds at no cost to themselves is just by... shopping! We all shop online so take a look below to see how this can help the school. Especially heading towards Christmas now is a great time to start.


How does this work?

When you shop online you shop via a donations website called The Giving Machine. Each retailer then pledges a perentage of your spend to be paid directly to the school. This is at no cost to yourself and is a cashback reward scheme for charities run by the retailer.  


Who offers this?

There are over 400 participating stores nationwide. Most large retailers in the UK and most online retailers offer this, including supermarkets, meaning you can earn it on virtually anything you buy online! Even Ebay and iTunes are in on it! Below is a list of the most popular companies who offer the scheme.










How Much can it earn?

The percentage varies between retailers, some pay a fixed amount, others base on a percentage rate. For example, Amazon offers a 2.25% of your total spend whereas George at Asda offers 6% of your spend. Some retailer offer less but it all adds up. Sainsburys gives 75p for each tracked grocery order for new and returning customers so if you shopped online each week with an order this would add up to almost £40 through the year for absolutely nothing.


It helps us raise around £200 a year at the moment with only a few people using the facility. Imagine how much it could raise if all parents, grandparents and other relatives used it everytime they shopped online.


What do I need to do?

Just set up a tab for the The Giving Machine website on your iPad/ Phone/ PC etc and whenever you shop online just go to their site via The Giving Machine website. You need to register and set up Botley Primary School as your beneficiary (make sure its our Botley School and not the one in Oxford!) and shop.

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