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School Requests!

As a registered charity, our aim is to raise funds for the school by organising and running events. Money raised at these events is then used to purchase and fund items throughout the school in order to benefit all year groups in one way or another, either by contributing towards school trips and theme visitors, providing play or PE equipment and kits, educational resources such as library books and maths equipment, or specialised resources such as SEN (Special Educational Needs) equipment.


There is a list of items that FOBS commit to the school every year (see left). Other purchases are decided at the attendees of regular meetings of the Committee and Mr. Cooil, who approves and puts forward the school requests. Agreed purchases are then made and the school reimbursed for any costs that FOBS have agreed to pay.


The items that FOBS provide have become vital as government budgets have been cut over recent years and it is now more than important than ever that FOBS is supported as a necessary part of the school for both pupils and parents.


Below is a selection of items that were agreed at our January 2018 FOBS Meeting.  


£8,000 to purchase new football goal posts, science and history resources for the whole school, food for the Year 5/6 Healthy Eating theme, additional art equipment, the re-painting of the playground markings, as well as other items.










Annual Commitments


FOBS agree to pay the below costs to the school every year to cover certain items.


Year R                           £500

Y1/2                              £750

Y3/4                             £750

Y5/6                             £750

KS2 PE awards           £300

Library Books             £500

SEN Resources          £500

Art/Science  Week   £250

Christmas Lunch Accessories   £150

Visitor Tea and Coffee               £100